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The Keys to Good Health

Nourishing Foods

I am here to share with you the many different ways I have made changes in my home to help my family eat nourishing foods. This lifestyle change of eating healthy is important to me and my family and I want to share my journey and knowledge I have acquired along the way. It has helped us all improve our health and not get sick as often. And when we do get sick, recover quicker.

One of the great ways to feel better is to cut out processed sugars from your diet. This is not easy, let me tell you. New habits need to be made and a lot of learning about new foods that can be eaten instead of what you used to eat. But the benefits of cutting out those sugars far outweight the loss!

How Can I Make Those Changes?

The key to a healthier lifestyle is to educate yourself. Always learn and grow! There are simple changes that you can make in your kitchen to start improving the quality of your meals today!

Most of the time you can make the same meals and just change the ingredients you put in it to greatly improve the quality. One way to do this is to get rid of all fake kinds of butter and margarine and use real butter! Did you know that fat doesn’t make you fat? The good fats actually help you to lose weight, feel great, and improve your brain function! It is great!

Another kitchen supply that can be hazardous to your health is table salt. I didn’t know that for a long time! I thought all forms of salt was bad for my health, come to find out that the table salt is bad for my health and the mineral salts were great for my health! I had no idea! I was glad to learn that salt was good for me as long as it was the right kind. Learn more on salt in my post about salt here.

If you need a little accountability and motivation to get started, then take my FREE 7 Day Processed Sugar Detox Challenge! This email course will help to keep you motivated and know what foods you need to eat and which ones to avoid. It is time to take the plunge. It is hard work changing your eating habits, but well worth it!